In today’s episode, the team shares updates on the year ahead at Glover U and Live UNREAL, and the upcoming events and exciting developments. The team has set the agenda for 2021, and there are many great things to look forward to. This year includes the return of in-person events with the Live UNREAL Summit, the launch of new coaching programs and even consulting programs. 

Jeff and the team will share all the important things that are going to be happening this year and why they are so important to us and instrumental to your success this year. 


Key Points 


In 2021, we’re launching a new coaching program Build Your Empire: Going From Salesperson to CEO. One of the biggest challenges agents face is making the transition from salesperson to a great leader. This new program aims to equip you with the leadership skills to scale your business, but also to protect your profit margin with 16 foundational real estate business principles.  

  1. The Live UNREAL Summit is going to be an in-person event this March. This is going to be one of the first in-person real estate events in the country this year, and we’re hoping to set the tone for how to have events successfully and safely. Every table will be seated 6 ft apart and masks will be mandatory when you aren’t at the table. 
  2. We’re going to run 3 group coaching programs this year, launching in April, August and October. 
  3. We’re launching Glover U Consulting to give you more specialized and customized solutions for your business. In coaching, we lay out a plan, hold you accountable and hold your hand throughout the process. Consulting is more for clients who want to have a blueprint provided, which they can take and implement on their own.

In today’s episode, Jeff shares more insights and strategies for listing presentations, and what it takes to make them good enough to win sellers. 

The goal in 2021 is to renew our focus on listing presentations, it’s one of the most important parts of us closing more and getting better at sales. One of the things that holds agents back from success with listing presentations is the questions they don’t ask, and the information they don’t manage to capture. 

Jeff shares the key questions we need to be asking in listing presentations, and how we can perfect our process. 

We also discuss;

  • The 5 questions you should always ask sellers. 
  • An easy way to identify different personality types in the listing presentation process. 
  • Why you want to draw out objections. 
  • The worst thing you can do when you walk through the seller’s home. 
  • The 6 things you should always have in your pre-listing package. 



Selling isn’t telling, it’s asking questions. -Jeff Glover  

Key Points 

  • “Mr and Mrs Seller if what I say makes sense and you feel 100% comfortable and confident in my abilities of getting your home sold. Will you be ready to get the home on the market?” We’re asking the question in order to draw out their objections and to see what might be stopping them from going ahead and doing business with us. 
  1. Asking the seller to describe their home is a great opportunity to see what their personality type is. For example, the more analytical people will describe things in greater detail.
  2. Match and mirror. Mold yourself to them from the minute they open the door. Don’t try to make them mold to you. If we don’t match and mirror the seller, we’ll lose our rapport. 
  3. The worst thing you can do is have a seller walk you through the house and you don’t take notes. Not taking notes tells them you’re not interested in the home. They won’t hire someone who isn’t interested in their home. 
  4. When you get an objection, learn to smile before you respond. When we get an objection, our tonality, facial expressions, and body language changes. If we get into the practice of smiling, we can counter those responses.  
  5. When you get an objection, always agree, never argue. Always follow up with a statement of agreement, and never use “but” or “however” replace them with “and”. 
  6. Prep the seller for what’s coming. Get an agreement on the next step while you’re still at the house. 

In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/ Glover U Podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into listing presentations. Whether you’re running a big team, or working as a solo agent, everything in this business revolves around the listing presentation and getting listings. 

Every single day in our business should revolve around listings, it’s how we create the most solid and sustainable real estate business.  

Because of new systems and technologies, we’ve gotten away from the basics of going out and taking listings and revolving our business around it. As we plan ahead for the year in business, a renewed focus on listings is key. 

We will learn from Jeff what it takes to master listing presentations, and build a solid listing-based business. 

We also discuss;

  • Why listing business beats buyer business 
  • The basic strategy and mindset we need to have around listing presentations 
  • How to speak and what to share in the listing presentation to build rapport 


The listing presentation is by far the number one thing we have to think about. -Jeff Glover 

When you’re working with buyers, you’re the employee. Being a great listing agent makes you the employer. -Jeff Glover

If you generate, you won’t have to tolerate. -Jeff Glover


Key Points 

  1. For every listing you take, you will close one transaction. With every buyer you meet and build rapport with, you’ll only close 50%. If you’re going to commit time to something, why not let it be the thing that has the higher ratio? 
  2. We can’t use the same listing presentation style for every single seller. A huge part of getting into rapport is adapting to someone and how they communicate. We need to have a listing presentation style for each DISC personality, and bring a different level of rapport, conversation and dialogue to the presentation. The 4 things we should all pay attention to in a listing presentation are rate of speech, tonality and dialect, and body language. Additionally, we should always play to the wife because she’s the one making the decisions.  
  3. Take your listing presentation and write it out once day for 30 days. When you write something, you get to read it and commit it to memory. Next, you have to chant the script at least once a day for 30 days. Finally, you have to role play the script once every single day for 30 days. 
  4. The majority of listings are either won or lost in the pricing discussion. If we quote something too high, they’ll think it’s unrealistic and that we’re just trying to appease them. If the price is too low, they’ll feel like we’re giving their home away. Pre-pace them for price reductions ahead of times so that there are no bad surprises down the line. 
This week on the Live UNREAL w/ Glover U Podcast, we're revisiting one of our best podcasts from 2020. In this episode, Jeff shared with you key habits in developing a Millionaire Mindset. 

You learned from Jeff the characteristics of a leader in terms of mindset, beliefs and habits to lead a successful team, including:

  • How to convince people to follow you as a leader
  • Why failure is not always a bad thing
  • Jeff’s first leadership lesson on failure
  • What leaders should consider as their most valuable asset
Listen to the entire episode on the Live UNREAL w/ Glover U Podcast.
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In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/ Glover U Podcast, we're bringing back one of our best conversations from 2020. Jeff Glover & Glover U Head Coach, Kate Simon, sat down for a No Holds Barred Q&A.

Jeff & Kate answered your questions straight to the point based on experience and day to day business, including:
  • Benefits of being solo agent vs. leading a team
  • How to reduce agent turnover
  • Jeff's advice when leading a team
  • Best practices to keep mindset and discipline strong

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In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/Glover U Podcast, Jeff is joined by 20 year industry veteran, Nick Bellmore to announce that he’s joining the coaching team! Nick has come full circle with Glover and Associates. He’s a respected leader in the real estate industry, and he has a long history of working with Jeff as one of the first buyer’s agents on the team. Nick is also a Glover U client who has seen massive business results from the structure and accountability of coaching. Now he’s joining the team to pay it forward.  

Nick talks about his real estate journey, and gives insight on the most important and impactful things he has implemented in his business. We will learn what it takes to build the kind of business that carries you through any market conditions, and why coaching has been so instrumental to Nick’s success. 

We will also learn:
  •The biggest ways real estate has changed in the last decade 
  •The power of structured training and coaching 
  •Why we’re so excited that Nick is part of the Glover U coaching team 

In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL Podcast, Glover U Head Coach, Kate Simon goes over the frequently asked questions from Justin Ford’s Prospecting Bootcamp. She talks about the key components you need to have dialed in for this program to work for you, and how to make it a business changing experience. 

Whenever there’s a lot of questions on the same topic, it’s a good indication that we need to go deeper on it or reiterate it, and in this program the biggest questions we’ve gotten are on minimum standards, defining a contact and roleplaying successfully. You’re part of this program because there’s a gap between where you are right now in production and where you want to be. The metrics Kate goes over in this episode are the biggest pillars to help you grow and get more out of your prospecting. 

Kate will share with you the most important facets of the Prospecting Bootcamp, and how to dial them in. 

Kate also shares; 

  • Approaches and strategies for effectively calling expireds 
  • How a typical roleplay call should go 
  • The importance of diversifying your prospecting streams

Key Points 

  1. When it comes to setting your minimum prospecting standards, it’s going to be based on where you are in your business, your skill level and conversion. 
  2. A contact is a conversation with a decision-making adult about real estate. When it comes to your sphere, it’s more about adding value. When you’re calling FSBOs and expireds, it’s a real estate-related conversation. If you don’t know what to say, go off the scripts we provide so you can have a question-based dialogue to uncover their motivation and ultimately set an appointment. 
  3. Before you determine whether a source has enough juice to get contacts, make sure you’re fully exhausting it.  
  4. The only time texting is acceptable is to use it as a tool to get them on the phone, not the way to deliver the script or set appointments.  
  5. You have to do the consistent work of prospecting every single day. If you’re not showing up and hitting your numbers for contacts, the production won’t happen. 
  6. There’s a gap between where you are right now in production and where you want to be. Apart from what naturally comes to you in your business, how willing are you to get uncomfortable to bridge that gap? You have to look at the activities you’re doing daily and start asking which areas you can grow in. 
  7. Try to have a different roleplay partner every day so you can increase your versatility. You need roleplay partners who will call you out on the areas you need to grow. 
  8. Roleplay should be challenging but you should always get the appointment. At the same time, you don’t want it to be so easy that you don’t get to work on your skills.  
  9. To get the most out of roleplay, start keeping track of the objection where you lose the appointment. Always do more practice on the objections that stump you.
In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/Glover U Podcast, Jeff and top buyer agent Jolynne Mercieca dive into strategies you can use to get more buyer offers accepted when there’s high competition for listings. 

Jolynne consistently closes up to 50 buyer deals every year, while still having time for a life outside of real estate. She still closes buyer deals in a seller’s market because she’s focused on what makes an offer stand out and the things that make it immediately go to the top of the pile for the seller. 

From the very first conversation, Jolynne’s strategy sets her buyer clients up for success, and gives them the tools to increase the likelihood of a good outcome.  

Jeff and Jolynne will share with you the creative and unique ways you can offer value to a seller, and make the buyer offer more compelling to the listing agent and their client.  Jolynne also shares ways to build a solid relationship with buyers and keep them engaged throughout the entire process of finding and buying a home. 

We also discuss:

  • How to build a leveraged buyer business.  
  • How to make sure buyers know that we’re on their side and that we’re working for them.
  • What we can do to turn buyers into lifelong clients.  

Listen to the entire episode on the Live UNREAL w/ Glover U Podcast.

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In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/Glover U Podcast, Jeff is joined by Realtor and Glover U coach, Justin Ford to talk about holiday, seasonal and covid-related objections, and to give you the handlers that have been working for us in the market. 


Right now we’re hearing a lot of objections around getting ready for the holidays, selling a home in covid, and waiting till Spring. Instead of taking these objections as the client dismissing us, we should welcome objections and use them to put people at ease and lead them to a solution. 


How we handle those objections can show them how equipped we are to deal with their concerns and help them sell their home in the safest and least stressful way. 


In this episode, Jeff and Justin go through multiple scenarios and objections, and share the approach we need to take to facilitate the right conversation. 


We also discuss; 

  1. Handling covid-reated objections. 
  2. How to help buyers take advantage of a higher demand. 
  3. Why we should never disagree with an objection and what we should do instead. 




Our scripts are updated every single year because we’re practicing and using them every single day. -Jeff Glover  


When you agree with people initially, they tune into what you have to say. When you debate or defend, they tune you out. -Jeff Glover  


Key Points 


  1. Many people are putting their plans to sell on hold and waiting till Spring. This means there’s a substantial decline in inventory during this time, making it a seller’s market for the people choosing to sell right now. Waiting till Spring means there’ll be higher competition so our home can’t fetch less. 
  2. A Fall/Winter transaction can actually be good for sellers. They can put their home on the market when there’s less competition, and they start shopping for their new home in time for Spring when the inventory starts increasing. 
  3. The big reason sellers are choosing to move forward with the transaction is the opportunity to get more money in their pocket because of the demand created by a low inventory market.
  4. Before we handle an objection, we have to validate and acknowledge where they are coming from and what they are feeling. Never say “but” or “however” when you get an objection. Instead say “...and have you considered”. This is the polite way to challenge someone without offending them.
  5. It’s important not to be pushy. Our goal should be to make them comfortable, make them feel heard, lead them to a solution, and show that we’re equipped to deal with their concerns.  
  6. When you agree with people initially, they tune into what you have to say, when you debate or defend or make them wrong, they will tune you out.

In part 2 of today’s Live UNREAL w/Glover U Podcast, Jeff delves deeper into the Agent Business Plan. He shares more key areas we need to be focused on if we want to achieve our goals in 2021. 


In this podcast, he talks about lead generation and why it should be a big component in our business planning. 


Besides doing deals, our job as real estate agents is putting people in our sales funnel and taking care of them by adding value. That’s how we make ourselves top of mind and in turn, who they want to work with and refer. 


In order to consistently do the activities that get us business and keep us top of mind, our lead generation goals need to be reflected in the things we do every single day. The most successful agents have a dialed-in routine that helps them generate business, and they never deviate from it. 


Jeff will go into detail about the key sections of the 2021 Agent Business Plan, and how they all contribute to a successful real estate business. 


Jeff also shared key insights on;

  • How we can put more focus on getting more people into the funnel. 
  • How much money should be going to expenses for us to be profitable. 
  • The importance of a morning routine we stick to consistently. 


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